Annual planning meeting April 2012

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The inception workshop for the project

Safe Food Fair Food: From capacity building to implementation

Where and when? April 12/13, 2012 at ILRI Campus Nairobi, room no. 721

Objectives: The workshop will focus on team-building, sharing information about partner institutes, planning activities, and administrative arrangements.

List of Participants / Agenda / Workshop report

Session 1: Project rationale, approach, context

Safe Food, Fair Food will integrate risk analysis tools for food safety into the CRP3.7's value chain transformation approach. It will at the same time constitute around one fifth of the activities of the component led by ILRI on agriculture-associated disease of CRP4.

Find a narrative summary here...

Session 2: partnership analysis

Find a summary of contributions proposed during the session here... (it is worth having a look at it now and then!)

Session 3: Detailed planning

Progress against milestones

year 1: Integrated Rapid Assessment of selected value chains: discussion and break-out session Enabling environments - develop a project Outcome Mapping strategy

Session 4: Communication/ Administration

Project communication tools - have's and need's project administration

  • Reporting
  • Resource mobilization
  • Student support
  • Intellectual property
  • Publication agreement
  • Research management issues